"New World Order" Conspiracy Theories and Related Big Lies

The phrase "New World Order" was first used in American political discourse by Republican President George Bush Sr. What he meant in the speech in which he first used the term was that the world was changing from one structured around the Cold War to one that is governed, in his words, "by rule of law rather than by the law of the jungle." The term was used by a Republican president to describe a world run by republican values. But that does not prevent the right-wing conspiracy theorists from using the term to claim that American people are being conned by some left-wing Satanic global conspiracy of the super-rich.

Now the people who use this term in that way are the same people that not that long ago were shouting "money talks, bullsh*t walks" and "America: love it or leave it." These people did everything they could to destroy everything in America - government, education, environment, unions, academia, media, human rights, arts, literature - except the money chase, which they claimed to be the true American value and the universal measure of rightfulness and success. And now suddenly they claim that the world is run by Satanic anti-American interests because they've been bested even at this money chase by the people whom they'd previously abused as "commies" or "nerds" or dismissed as "wackos" or "losers," and the money chase has not worked out for many of them even in the decade in which their own right-wing Bush Jr. regime ran America and imposed their will and attitudes on the country.

These people have militated, and continue to militate, against having to pay tax. It doesn't matter to them that the high-tax Clinton economy produced 23 million jobs and the only balanced budget in 40 years, nor that the low-tax Bush economy put America extra $5 trillion in debt and into the worst economic crisis it's had since the Great Depression. They claim to be realists, but they continue to deny the basic reality: That for as long as they have the military and police that protect them, the roads and the Interstate that makes it possible for businesses to deliver goods to customers, the science that is the root source of all products sold by business, and the education that makes them employable, they will have the Government, whose bills either they or their children will have to pay. In their ignorant, destructive and failed quest to do away with this government that makes all this possible - and without which America would have none of what it has and would look like Somalia - they have put their children, and their country, $10 trillion in the hole. And then they go around claiming that they have family values or that they are American patriots or that they are responsible people, after they've done this horrendous wrong to their children and to their country.

Of course these people have not done away with the government. Their lives, their property, and their economy, irrevocably demand it. All that they've done is replace "tax-and-spend" with a far more irresponsible borrow-and-spend. And now their children and grandchildren will have to pay for the tax cuts and tax breaks that they have allowed themselves. Thank you, people of "family values." Thank you, "American patriots." You will be known by history as America's greatest villains and be the most apparent example of wickedness that is the direct result of your beliefs.

These same people then like to attack "the elites" as they proclaim their way to be true America and to be the most successful way ever. Now if their way was the most successful way ever, they themselves would be elites, because that is what the truly successful people become. Instead they continue to blame these nonexistent "elites" for everything that is wrong with the world and with America, after their own people had been in the government for eight years and made the world and America exactly the way that they wanted it to be. Which means that their elite talk is nothing but scapegoating, and they have only themselves and their conmen and representatives to blame for the mess that America is in.

Many of these people then decide that they are "freedom fighters" who are fighting to get the government out of their lives. Their real reason for wanting the government out of their lives is that they are petty tyrants who want the unlimited license to terrorize and oppress the people in the communities in which they operate, and for the people in these communities to have no protection from them. The American government is obligated by Constitutional law to protect people's rights. Naturally, those who want people to not have rights have a problem with that and want the government out of where they operate. Far from being any kind of "freedom-fighters," these people are tyrants who want unlimited license to rape, murder, brutalize and oppress people. They want the government out of the communities in which they operate, so that their families and neighbors do not have protection against the violence, tyranny and corruption that they want to inflict on them.

These same people then go on to portray global warming as a myth of "socialists." Never mind that thousands of scientists all over the world have been telling the public about this for decades; never mind that the atmosphere records the highest levels of carbon in 800,000 years; never mind that the oceans are turning to acid; never mind that the glaciers are melting, and island nations are being submerged under water; never mind that weather is becoming increasingly erratic, and thousands upon thousands of people are dying of global warming-related events. This problem could have been stopped in the 1980s, and if not for American Right it would have been stopped in the 1980s. Instead the Republican government of the time wanted to hear none of it - and the Republican conmen from Paul Wyerich to Pat Robertson to Rush Limbaugh claimed that scientists and journalists were fools and sinners, so who cares what they think. And now we're here, facing the predicted effects, and the scoundrels are still denying it or claiming that it is the God-ordained end of the world!

Now if you believe that we are living in the end times, then logically you are not going to plan for the future, because according to your belief there is none. Which means that you are going to act in a short-sighted, destructive, and irresponsible manner, and not only sabotage efforts to extend and improve humanity's stay on the planet but will eat up all the resources with no sight for the future and destroy inheritance both natural and human-made. And it is time to say to the people who have such beliefs: You have no right to claim to practice responsibility. You have no right to claim to have family values. And you have no right to claim to be true America. America got great by working to create a better future, not by aggressive myopia that does not foresee a future and does what it can to make sure that there is none.

These people then claim America to be the product of their efforts and to take credit for America's accomplishments. This is the biggest usurpation of all. America got great through efforts of hundreds of millions of people all through its history, and the greatest contributions came from the Left, not from the Right. It is the efforts of academic scientists, of whom the majority are Democrats and only 3% are Republicans, that have created all the knowledge that makes possible the products that American business sells. It is the Democratic administrations of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt that gave America its greatest victories in, respectively, First and Second World Wars. The vastly Democratic computer industry was the true engine of 1980s and 1990s prosperity; the government-funded Interstate and Internet made possible respectively delivery of goods to customers and the information industry growth; and the Democratic Clinton administration gave America its greatest-ever peacetime prosperity, its greatest-ever wartime prosperity having been under Democrat Franklin Roosevelt. As teachers, journalists, professors, and social workers, it is the Democrats that do the heavy lifting to educate American people, to fight corruption, and to make people employable and off of crime. Which means that Democrats, not  Republicans, deserve credit for America the most.

Whereas the Republican entities are for the most part parasitical. The oil industry that has for 30 years denied the truth about global warming and prevented progress in creation of viable clean energy solutions - the anti-government government-subsidized beef industry that takes the land that could feed 2 billion people and uses most of it for grain feed so that it would feed a fraction of that number - the truckers who want government "off their backs" as they depend entirely in their trucking upon the government-built, government-maintained Interstate and road system - and the industry of conmanship and deception that is the Christian Right - are all operating in manner contrary to national interest. It then comes as no surprise that the Democratic Clinton administration would bring America its greatest ever peace and prosperity, and that the Bush Jr. administration would result in economic and social catastrophe. The two administrations reflect the values and the beliefs of their voters; and the results are predictable by simple logic.

Having destroyed intelligence in America - having gutted the primary education, defunded the academia, and subjected the students who took academic knowledge seriously to vicious abuse - the American Right has found its home in aggressive ignorance, which it now presses upon the rest of America as "righteousness" or as "freedom" or as true America. The party line of the American Right is none of these things; it is a Big Lie. As any Big Lie it is intolerant of fact and reality, and it is by knowing, remembering, and confronting its followers with fact and reality that this Big Lie can be overcome.

At this point in history, true American patriotism demands nothing less.


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